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Appointment Setting

While lead generation is the lifeblood of every business, appointment setting is not a whit behind it in terms of sales and marketing value. A solid, carefully planned appointment setting campaign is a powerful tool in creating a dynamic pipeline of unremitting sales flow. However, making a lot of business calls to lots of prospects without careful planning may only result in lots of wasted time and resources.

Before we set appointments for our clients, we make sure both pre-requisites are satisfied:

1. A potential business long-term business relationship
2. Agreement by the prospect regarding the value of the meeting

A well-structured appointment setting telemarketing process results in:

1. Higher ROI conversion rates
2. Less time wasted in non-targeted prospects
3. Fewer cancelled meetings
4. More meaningful customer relationships
5. More pleasant meetings
6. Shorter sales cycles

Some inexperience telemarketers are overzealous about setting appointments that they could not resist the urge to convince the prospect for a face-to-face meeting right after the first call. When that happens, prospects may not fully understand the value of the meeting, or worse, think that the meeting is all about the vendor, not about them. So, when you show up to meet with them, they are either not available or not interested.

Callbox deploys trained, professional appointments setters for each project we handle. We use carefully planned appointment setting telemarketing guidelines to ensure greater likelihood of success in every meeting. We make sure that the prospect understands the value of the meeting for their business and agrees to meet in person before we enter them into your calendar.