Data Shows Why Your Lead Generation Campaigns Are Not Working

Are your sales representatives making the most of the quality sales leads that generated by your b2b lead generation campaigns? You might not realize it, but your company could be losing a lot of revenue because your sales and marketing people are not responding to sales lead inquiries on time. Just look at the following data from the inquiry response survey of 700 companies as commissioned by Omniture:

  • Aver­age email response time: 19 hours, 31 min­utes – Opti­mum response time should be within the first hour
  • Aver­age phone response time: 36 hours, 57 min­utes – Opti­mum phone response time should be within the first five minutes
  • How many com­pa­nies even responded? – Only 47.3 per­cent responded via email, and just 7.5 per­cent responded via phone!

Seeing these numbers, you might want to consider checking up on your sales and marketing department and find out what their response time is. If it takes your people more than 10 hours to follow-up on a lead, those b2b sales leads would have already made a purchase from your more attentive competitors. These data show a great waste of time and effort; because even if you have a great lead generation campaign, the lack of immediate action decreases the interest of your potential business leads for your company. Figure out who’s responsibility it is to check the response rate of your sales and marketing department. A good strategy is to own a CRM software that allows all your employees to monitor all client inquiries and follow-up on each of them immediately. Or, you could outsource to a good telemarketing company to make sure that all your inbound calls are received. If your sales and marketing people are able to cater to each client on time, then you would have more chances to close a sale, leading to higher profits for your company.