The Death Of Telemarketing – Or So They Say

The Death Of Telemarketing – Or So They Say

We have all heard the pundits. Telemarketing is dead, social media is the real deal, deeper relationship with B2B leads prospects is the key to success. That phone call means nothing anymore in today’s modern marketing environment.


Really, as if social media is the new money-maker for companies.


To tell you the truth, pundits come and go, but marketing and lead generation mediums will never die. Rather, they evolve. It is the same thing with telemarketers. If you believe that social media marketing is the solution to all our problems, be ready to be disappointed. Just what happened to Pepsi’s Refresh project, social media will never bring home the bacon, the way a marketing phone call can. The best it can do is to simply begin a conversation, engaging people to open up or become more active in the community. But when it comes to selling, you need a more aggressive tool: telemarketing.


Telemarketing is not dead. It merely evolved.


Cold calling can be a pain, especially for a new company that has not yet established a firm foothold. If you want your fledgling business to prosper, employ telemarketers in the selling, and let social media do the talking. In this way, you can gain the networking power of social media, while you get the aggressive selling strength of telemarketing. It is like the best of both worlds.


Use that, and you really have nothing to lose. It could be just the thing you need to help your business prosper.